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Magento is the fastest growing eCommerce Platform on the planet. Power, stability, and cutting edge features make Magento easy to deploy, maintain, upgrade.

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High Performance PHP Framework

Custom Web Projects

Agile web projects made real with the perfect PHP framework. Symfony is an excellent set of tools and a development methodology whatever your needs are!

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Responsive Web Design

Responsive Design

You need to have a responsive web design. This way, all users can successfully navigate on your website, no matter which device they use. Go mobile with us!

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Other Services

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Web Development

What makes the difference in delivering sustainable web development services is the people who work on it and the management of the whole process. Our vision, which is oriented on growing enhanced teams of talents in web development, is leading us to that direction. We use Symfony and Magento, thus covering everything we need from PHP & MySQL in order to develop and implement scalable solutions. We are serious about coding standards and we use GIT for versioning all of our projects.

Project Management

Managing complex web development projects within the scope, time, and the budget agreed with our clients it is both an art and a science, and it always challenges us to bring out the best in our gained experience. We use SCRUM, an iterative and incremental development methodology, that allows us to be fast, flexible and efficient in delivering the products in the product backlog.

Software Requirement Specifications

Software Requirement Specifications are a must have for every project, because they act as a guideline for the development team during, and are the basis of the later project management documents, such as software architecture specifications, design specifications, user stories backlog, time and costs estimations, testing and validation plans. We will analyse interfaces, functional capabilities, performance levels, data structures/elements, safety, reliability, security, quality, constraints and limitations.


Innobyte has years of experience in developing web projects from simple corporate websites to cloud infrastructure applications with millions of users monthly. We can offer consultancy services on every aspect of Web projects including design, usability, accessibility, Content Management Systems (CMS), hosting, online payments, ERP integration, code review, performance optimization, server infrastructure and more.

System Administration

We believe that good performance of a web application under high user traffic it’s not only a matter of well written code or choosing the best CMS solution. Stability and loading speed are the result of the synergy between good application and very good server configuration and administration. We currently maintain servers with millions of users monthly using either dedicated servers or cloud management infrastructure on Amazon and Rackspace Hosting.

QA Engineering

Quality is one of our goals in every step of building a product that has to provide trust and satisfaction to our clients. By getting involved early in the process, we cover with our testing skills all areas from manual to automatic and performance testing, following defined standards and client specific requests. Testing includes checking the functionality of the site, the performance of the system under typical live conditions, checking usability and accessibility taking into account end-user’s point of view.

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