MEDIGO is the first medical-travel project developed with Symfony2 and was designed from scratch by Innobyte starting 2014. It stands under continuous development to constantly increase customer experience and administration of the platform, and new tools, such as advanced caching system for page loading time optimization, payment system, custom-made language management system, and care plan integration, are to be implemented.

Innobyte chose Symfony2 framework considering the flexibility and scalability that would properly respond to MEDIGO’s needs of having a dynamic, powerful, and friendly website, easy to navigate through from all devices (responsive design), that would return accurate and relevant results for the clients. Symfony2 contributed to a significant reduction of development time to approximately 6 month to the launching of this platform that allows searching through a database of hundreds of thousands of procedures from over 1000 worldwide clinics.

Several technologies were implemented to support the functionalities of the project: Solar, Redis, mySQL, Zendesk, currently Varnish. Additionally, automated testing is used in the project, which allows updates and new functionalities to be available to the client in a significantly shorter period of time.