We love challenges!

As our work demands a lot of attention and commitment, we do our best to create a strong community inside INNOBYTE and a pleasant work environment. We want to build authentic stories and inspiring experiences for all team members.

We love to challenge our colleagues with several internal programs. We aim to improve our soft and hard skills, by having fun together. Friday is the day of the week when all this magic comes to life.

Inno Chef

InnoChef is our version of “Master Chef”, only that it is a lot more fun and more delicious. Once per month, our colleagues with special cooking skills are invited to delight our taste. They cook at home and bring their products to work. For 2 hours, we can taste and vote each dish. We even have a logo for it and the winner… takes it all!

Annual Team Building

Is the cherry on top of Innobyte. Every year, during April, we organize our company’s team building, celebrating another year of existence –INNOBYTE was founded in April- and building our team even stronger. We feel like a family and we respond to challenges with joy and good-will.

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