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Today we launch our InnoGames championship!

Posted by | October 18, 2017 | Blog, Fun | No Comments

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You already know about us that we are passionate about technology, the development of business ideas and we are up to date with everything related to web, mobile and eCommerce. What you did not know is that we are huge fans of games and we are very good at it!

This is why we decided to organize our own championship, InnoGames, and to reward, with all the honours, our champions! Today we start the games and we will compete for the first places at:

  • Simple ping pong
  • Double ping pong
  • Xbox
  • Fussball
  • Darts
  • Chess

Whether we are talking about fussball, ping pong, darts or chess, the main rule is to have fun!

We wish the best of luck to all competitors! We’ll keep you posted on the progress of the InnoGames Championship on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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